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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things to See, People to Meet

This is courtesy of Friends of the Mother Road

Route 66 - A List of things to see and do. Places to eat. People to meet.

There are as many ideas about must-see attractions as there are roadies, but here are some of my favorites. (Being a total piglet, I have a LOT of restaurants on my list. Bring your appetite; road food is a beautiful thing.)

McCook, IL: Snuffy's diner. This place epitomizes Chicago.

Wilmington, IL: Gemini Giant.

Odell, IL: Standard Oil Station.

Funks Grove, IL: Home of Funks Grove Maple Sirup (spelled with an "i" instead of a "y" because it contains no added sugar). Get a jug of sirup to take home, but more importantly, get some candy. The regular maple candy is wonderful, but you will absolutely feel like you need a cigarette after you take a bite of one of their maple truffles. Hopelessly decadent.

Atlanta, IL: There's a little grocery store just off 66 where you can get a big styrofoam cup full of deep-fried chicken gizzards or livers suitable for consuming with beer at the tavern on the corner.

Lincoln, IL: Ghost bridge.

Springfield, IL: Home of Abe Lincoln, Bill Shea's petroliana and Route 66 museum, and the birthplace of the corn dog -- the Cozy Dog Diner.

Raymond, IL: Our Lady of the Highways shrine.

Hamel, IL: Meramec Caverns barn, neon cross.

Mitchell, IL: Luna Cafe. Great old roadhouse.

Madison, IL: Old Chain of Rocks Bridge.

St. Louis, MO: Ted Drewes Frozen Custard.

Times Beach, MO: Route 66 State Park.

Rolla, MO: Rolla Motors.

Newburg, MO: John's Modern Cabins.

Devil's Elbow, MO: Elbow Inn. Great biker/roadie bar.

Lebanon, MO: Munger Moss Motel. Try to get into town at night so you can see the gorgeously lit sign. Better yet, stay there.

Strafford, MO: Exotic Animal Paradise.

Riverton, KS: Eisler Bros. General Store

Miami, OK: Waylan's Ku-Ku. Have the fried green tomatoes.

Miami to Afton, OK: Sidewalk Highway.

Afton, OK: Afton Station. Stop and visit Laurel if she's there.

Catoosa, OK: Blue Whale.

Stroud, OK: Rock Cafe. Have an order of fried pickles and a glass of sweet tea.

Chandler, OK: Restored Phillips 66 station, Seaba Station. Be sure to visit Sue at Seaba Station.

Arcadia, OK: Round barn.

Bridgeport, OK: Pony truss bridge.

Hydro, OK: Lucille's.

Erick, OK: Visit Harley and Annabelle, then cruise over to the West Winds Motel to see some cool vintage cars at a cool vintage motel. You can almost hear the ghosts whisper....

Texola, OK: Weird rusted-out sign in the middle of an empty field; really old alignment of 66 that you can drive on if you don't mind stopping to move branches out of the way every now and then.

Shamrock, TX: U-Drop-Inn.

McLean, TX: Devil's Rope Museum, restored Phillips 66 station.

Amarillo, TX: Big Texan Steak Ranch (say hello to Becky Ransom!) and Cadillac Ranch.

Vega, TX: Vega Motel. A must-stay.

Adrian, TX: Midpoint Cafe. Have a slice of pie.

Glenrio, TX/NM: Cool ghost town.

Tucumcari, NM: Blue Swallow Motel. DO NOT MISS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. I'm serious. This is my hands-down favorite place on the entire road. Just positively gorgeous. While you're in town, buy souvenirs at Tepee Curios and have dinner at La Cita, which is a restaurant shaped like a sombrero. Get up early the next morning after a good night's rest at the Blue Swallow and watch the sun rise over Tucumcari Mountain.

Santa Rosa, NM: Joseph's Cantina. Great breakfasts.

Santa Fe, NM: The whole town is just plain gorgeous.

Between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM: La Bajada Hill. Allow a couple of extra hours to hike up the mesa and back down on a reeeeeeally old alignment of 66.

Albuquerque, NM: Neon everywhere you look, and the Monterey is a terrific motel. It's a nonsmoking motel, so if you need your nic fix, you might want to look elsewhere ... but it's a great value. Lots of amenities, very clean, low prices, laundry on the premises.

Grants, NM: Uranium Cafe. You must try their biscuits and gravy.

Gallup, NM: El Rancho Hotel ("Home of the Stars") and lots of vintage neon.

Lupton, AZ: Chief Yellowhorse's Trading Post. Burros, bison, petting zoo complete with obnoxious ponies, cheap souvenirs ... a classic.

East of Holbrook, AZ: Painted Desert. GORGEOUS.

Holbrook, AZ: Wigwam Motel.

Joseph City, AZ: HERE IT IS ... the most famous billboard on Route 66, at the Jack Rabbit Trading Post. Try some cherry cider.

Twin Arrows, AZ: Twin Arrows. Dilapidated but still cool.

Flagstaff, AZ: Old alignment of 66 just west of town in the Kaibab National Forest. Now a nice hiking trail.

Winslow, AZ: Yeah, it's hopelessly dorky, but you know you want to do it, so go ahead ... have your picture taken "standin' on a corner in Winslow, Arizona." After all, dorky photo ops are what being a tourist is all about. ;)

Seligman, AZ: Snow-Cap, Angel's Barbershop. Under no circumstances should you miss either of these attractions ... or the cool old guys who run them.

Hackberry, AZ: Hackberry General Store.

Oatman, AZ: Wild burros.

Needles, CA to Barstow, CA: Mojave Desert. Miles upon miles of
nothing, which I find somehow oddly reassuring.

Amboy, CA: Roy's.

Newbery Springs, CA: Bagdad Cafe. Meet General Bob.

Barstow, CA: Route 66 Mother Road Museum. Visit Deb Hodkin.

Victorville, CA: New Corral Motel. Gorgeous sign.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA: Bono's Historic Orange.

Pasadena, CA: Fair Oaks Pharmacy. Have a chocolate malt.

Santa Monica, CA: Santa Monica Pier and end of the line for Route 66.

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