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Saturday, March 7, 2009

This Short Story Was Submitted By My Fiancee Eric Bernabe

Thanks So Much Eric For Letting Me Share Your Story With My Readers!

I was not much on being nostalgic until I took a road trip to Las Vegas in my early twenties.

Having grandparents that lived south of Oklahoma City, every summer my family would load into the car and make the ten hour drive to spend a few weeks with them. As a child I can remember stopping along the way to eat at places that were not fast food and served a “real meal”. Reading the signs promising a good time in New Mexico and Arizona, the Blue Whale in Catoosa, my brother and I snickering every time we would see a Campbell’s Express trailer’s slogan “Humpin’ to Please”, and of course a free seventy-two ounce steak in Amarillo.

As I grew, the trips to Oklahoma became fewer as parent’s careers became hectic and I pursued the foolishness of youth. Memories of the roadside stops along the way were tucked away in the back of my mind. Years later, a new home brought about a new friend with a love for the western United States. He would tell me of the wonders of the west and all its beauty. I became intrigued and my wanderlust was stirred. Finally after “being legal” and recovering from the first bar experience I had some vacation time and some money so I decided to head west to Las Vegas and began my journey to being nostalgic and my love of Route 66.

A reintroduction to the American standards had me listening to several versions of Bobby Troupe’s song Route 66. So that was the path I was to take to Nevada’s desert oasis. Driving towards Las Vegas, I saw so many reminders of my youth that brought back fond memories of my grandparents and favorite cousins and finally seeing the sites that were advertised through Missouri and Oklahoma further down the road in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

Years later…A little older, new fiancée and family.

My fiancée moved to St. Louis, Missouri from back east. She had heard of Route 66, but did not think much about it. Being in a tough spot in our careers after her move, we found inexpensive activities to occupy ourselves with in St. Louis. We spent many hours exploring various spots along Route 66. We instantly fell in love with anything and everything concerning Route 66.

Route 66 offers something for everyone. I would recommend to all, take some time and explore this great piece of America.

Happy Travels!


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